Industrial EV Charging Solutions

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Who is Delta Electronics?

  • An $8.5 billion dollar global electronics design and manufacturing company
  • The global leader in power electronics including battery charging for industrial electrical vehicles
  • A pioneer in industrial wireless / contactless charging covering up to 600 amps with over 93% efficiency
  • Designer and manufacturer of DCDC converters, onboard chargers, modular charging stations, motor drives, NMC lithium battery cells and modules
  • Our immense buying power and manufacturing capacity allows us to deliver innovative products to any size company 


Wireless / Contactless Charging

Development Kits are available in stock:  1kW (24V,40A)  and (48V, 20A)

  • Popular with AGV, AMR, and lift vehicle manufacturers
  • >90% efficiency
  • CANBus lithium BMS communication and control
  • Programmable charging profiles for all battery chemistries


Unique Selling Features

  • Eliminates DC cables and connectors
  • Reduced service cost
  • No human intervention required
  • Increased uptime


Models covering 1kW, 3.3kW, 10kW, 20kW and 30kW in 48V and 96V are under development.


720W 24V and 48V On-board Chargers with CANbus

  • UL and CEC Certified
  • CANbus Communications and Control
  • Passed 25G Shock Testing
  • No Cooling Fan
  • IP65 Rated


Unique Selling Features

  • Smallest Footprint on the Market
  • Best Thermal Performance


Charging Stations: 2.7kW to 30kW, 24V to 100V

  • UL and CEC Certified
  • >90% efficiency
  • CANbus Communications and Control
  • Three phase 480V in production. Single phase, 100V to 240V coming soon


Unique Selling Features

  • No Electrolytic Capacitors for High Reliability
  • Modular Design for Optimal Power Handling, Easy Servicing and Low Cost

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