Industrial EV Charging Solutions

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Delta Electronics is the largest manufacturer of power supplies in the world. Our products are world class in terms of quality, reliability, performance and total cost of ownership. Our customers include the largest makers of information technology, telecommunications, medical, industrial and automotive systems.

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6kW Li-ion Charging Station



1kW Wireless Charger



10kW to 30kW Wireless Charger




Our product line includes industry leading, high density, high efficiency on-board chargers, modular stationary chargers, DC-DC converters, and our new innovative (1kW to 30kW) wireless charging systems.

720W On-board Charger


1500W On-board Charger


3kW to 30kW Charging Stations


3kW AC/DC Power Module


500W DC/DC Converter


300W DC/DC Converter



410W DC/DC Converter


Wireless Chargers

On-board Chargers

Modular Chargers

600W DC/DC Converter


1350W AC/DC Power Module


DC/DC Converters

To schedule a 30 minute online presentation


To schedule a 30 minute online presentation


To schedule a 30 minute online presentation